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Broken Links

I take great pride in my sites, and I am continually trying to improve them. If you run into a link that does not work, please take a minute and send me an email.

Cancel Subscription

If you would like to cancel your subscription, click a link below.

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Mary Esther
United States

If you need to contact me for anything... just send me an email.

✉ phil-flash
Copyright Violations

Please report any misuse of my photographs and or videos to me directly.

✉ phil-flash
Corrupt File

Please be sure to make sure that you have downloaded the file completely. If you have completely downloaded the file and it is still corrupt, please let me know ASAP to upload a new file.

✉ phil-flash

If you are having problems downloading files... please be sure that you are right-clicking the file and "Saving Target As." In doing so, you can point to a directory on your computer to save the file to.

If you are experiencing slow downloads, my server may be having a load problem, however... keep in mind that you may have a slow connection or connectivity problems as well. Especially if you are downloading more than three to five items at a time.

Login/Password Problem

Please be sure to copy paste your username and password when loging in. Sometimes during copy, it is possible to copy a Space at the end of the username or password. Be sure that this is not happening to you.

If I am unable to respond to you as quickly as you would like, it's possible I am having sex with a model, sleeping or out my family. Try me first and then CCBill.

✉ phil-flash

✉ Email
☏ +1 888 596 9279

✉ Email
☏ +1 800 893 8871

Mobile Devices Stuttering Scroll

If you notice that your mobile device does not scroll smoothly or is stuttering, the problem is more than likely that your cache is full. The best way to fix this is to restart your device.

I hope this tip improves your mobile web experience!